“Thank you for your incredible efforts in creating and negotiating absolutely perfect deals for me. One of the best decisions I made was to hire you to sell my old house and help me buy a new one. I know I didn’t make your job easy either! “Thank you” just doesn’t seem appropriate for your EXTREME diligence, patience, and expertise. I have never worked with someone with as much focus on customer service or dedication to their customers as you.”

-Michelle H.

“Dave Baxter is amazing! We had tried to sell this house 4 times previously with other realtors. Dave had many suggestions about making the house more sellable. By listening to Dave and carrying out those suggestions we were able to have a buyer after just 6 days on the market!!!! Dave did what all of the other realtors had been unable to do in selling this home. He even went so far as to guaran- tee the sale of our home, this is unheard of!! I would never want to buy or sell another home without him! Thanks Dave, you are one in a million!”

-Nancy and Jeff B.

“We want to thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts in the sale of our house. You calmly and wisely guided us, you stayed in touch with us throughout the process, and you were always patient in answering our questions. We are very grateful.”

-Ruth and Bernie C.

“You were the fifth realtor who tried to sell our home – and the only one who succeeded. It certainly wasn’t luck. Your preparation, orga- nization, knowledge base, and professionalism was far superior to what we had previously experienced.”

-Scott and Kim P.

“Thank you for all your hard work in finding us our perfect home. I give you a great amount of credit for the professional way you do your job and recommend you highly!”

-Anthony and April C.

“Your professionalism made my first time buying experience has- sle-free. At no point during our business did I feel that you were pressuring me nor did I ever feel that you were unprepared.”

-Celestino C.

“Thank you for all of your help in finding our new home. We appreciated your no-pressure attitude, and truly feel that you were more concerned with finding us a house we would be happy in, than making a sale. After dealing with various other realtors throughout the process, it became clear to me how important it is to have an agent you can trust.”

-Doug H. and Wendy E.

“Dave Baxter Realty did the impossible for us. We would espe- cially recommend Dave Baxter to out-of-town buyers who are not familiar with the area. Dave steered us away from several proper- ties because he felt they would not work for us. We have since found his advice to be absolutely correct. He knew about things wecouldnothavepossiblyseeninourshortvisitsthatwould have made those properties very undesirable for us.”

-John and Libby B.

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