“Not a Jerk” policy – lasting success comes from being helpful


I’ve been in Rochester real estate a long time and I have noticed that people in this business either get better or get bitter.


Bitter terrifies me, but it also motivates me to focus on getting better in ways that benefit my clients, whether they are buying or selling a home. Getting better keeps me out of the bitter zone.


Can we be honest for a minute?


There are a lot of obnoxious, pushy, disorganized people working in real estate because, while it’s not too difficult to enter the field, it can be a difficult field to excel in the long term. Some people quickly learn to manipulate things for their short-term benefit at the expense of the people they are “helping”.


The lifeblood of being successful in real estate for the long run is repeat and referral business which comes from truly being helpful.


Keys to building a working relationship

I believe that good working relationships are key to successful outcomes, so I have a “NOT A JERK” policy. If we decide to work together, I will not be a jerk to you under any circumstance. Right from the start, I will treat you like we are going to be friends for a long time. I will put in the time and effort needed to ensure your satisfaction.


I am a long-term student of real estate and love to use what I’ve learned to protect people from the many pitfalls, some of which become evident in weeks and months, and others that take years to realize.


I like to meet potential new customers at a coffee shop to see how well we might work together to achieve their goals.  If we both feel comfortable, we can then plan our next steps.